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Honesty & Accountability in Developing Discipline

Honesty with yourself and holding yourself accountable is vital to developing discipline to achieve your goals. Pretending we have certain characteristics is a common problem in setting and achieving goals. We have to be honest about who and what we are at the time our goals are defined. We can develop the discipline necessary to improve ourselves, but we need to understand the place from which we are starting.

Without honesty in discipline and goal setting, there is no accountability. We must hold ourselves accountable if we expect to succeed.

Defining Your Goals

Discipline alone is meaningless. Your discipline must be directed in the proper direction to be usefull. Therefore, defining your goals is a vital aspect of developing discipline. Once you are clear on your goals, you will see which aspects of your life are screaming out for discipline.

We start with defining broad goals, and then we create smaller goals within each broad goal. It is also important to place a deadline or time limit on our goals. A goal without a deadline is just a wish.

Facing Fears with Positivity and Joy

Fear is a goal killer. It stops us from achieving goals and, sometimes, it even prevents us from even attempting to achieve a goal. Discovering how to conquer fear is an invaluable trait. Without fear, we are free to achieve our highest goals–to reach true overlife success.

Conquering fear requires us to face that fear. A positive mental outlook from a joyful life will make conquering our fear a sure bet. A positive state of mind can be learned. It’s really not difficult. Finding joy in life makes it even easier.

In this episode, we going to talk about facing our fears, how to acquire a positive mindset and ways to discover joy in our lives.

Getting Things Done

Allen Rogers discusses the skill of “getting things done,” as a key to success. No goal is achievable until you learn how to get things done well on a consistent basis. It takes discipline and practice. But you can do it!

No matter what is your current level of discipline you can learn to be effective in completing the steps–one by one–to achieve your goals. Perhaps your goal is to get a promotion at work. You need a plan to increase your productivity and to enhance recognition of your performance by the decision makers. Or maybe your goal is to own your own business-to be your own boss or to get out of debt. Whatever your goal, your plan is hollow unless you learn how to really get things done.

Listen to the show as we start our examination with the “art” of discipline.